Cathay Pacific shares cargo insights with Harvard Business School

MBA students visit the Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal during Belt and Road field trip around Asia

Cathay Pacific Cargo recently hosted a group of second-year MBA students from Harvard Business School (HBS) at the Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal, and outlined for them the past performance and year-ahead outlook for the cargo business.

The US-based students were on a two-week field trip looking at the influence of the Chinese mainland’s Belt and Road initiative, and its impacts across Asia. Their tour in January also included a look at the Greater Bay Area (GBA) with visits to factories in Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Foshan. In addition, the group visited Kerry Logistics’ Hong Kong facilities, given its status as an aviation hub in the GBA blueprint plan published in 2019.

After looking around the Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal escorted by CPSL’s (the wholly owned subsidiary that runs the terminal) Head of Business Development Alfred Sze, James Conlin, Cathay Pacific’s Head of Cargo Global Partnerships, talked to the students about Cathay Pacific Cargo’s network, specialised services and recent business developments.

(From left) Professor Willy Shih at Harvard Business School and James Conlin, Head of Cargo Global Partnerships at Cathay Pacific

The group then flew to Myanmar and Sri Lanka to see firsthand the effects of the Belt and Road initiative’s economic development zones.

The group was led by Professors Willy Shih and Meg Rithmire at HBS. After exchanging gifts with James, Shih outlined the purpose of the field trip. ‘It’s important that people get out and see what Belt and Road means on the ground, and to encounter differing viewpoints. These are future business leaders, and they need to get out and see things rather than come to judgements based on what they read in the US.’